About INER-Z

INER-Z’s inaugural lineup of electric vehicles Include a low speed electric car, auto rickshaw and a motorbike to cater to wide ranging mobility needs. Environmentally friendly, future proof and aesthetically exciting, our electric vehicles are designed for a mobility experience that is economical, free of maintenance woes and exhilarating. With advanced electric powertrains and sophisticated automotive engineering, INER-Z’s vehicles strike the perfect balance between practicality and driving pleasure.

Our Products


Quietly confident. Simply sophisticated.

Pakistan’s first four-wheel light speed electric vehicle (LSEV) is the perfect intersection of engineering ambition and the practical sensibilities of an electric powertrain. It marks INER-Z’s commitment and responsibility to the environment and future generations. It’s a promise to countless people that aspire to own an automobile that not only fulfills their mobility needs but also turns heads. Design cues that exude sophistication, enthusiasm and a vision of tomorrow are the hallmarks of eFlow. The first generation of eFlow has a gross vehicle weight rating of less than 3,000 pounds (1,400 kg) and a top speed of between 20 to 25 mph (32 to 40 km/h). INER-Z will be unveiling the first prototype in April, 2020.


Ride into tomorrow

Melding cutting-edge industrial design with the economy and efficiency of an electric powertrain, Alpha is a motorbike for forward-thinking early adopters who want to experience the future today. With the Alpha, INER-Z is zooming in on the fifth largest motorcycle market in the world with 16 million units on Pakistani roads where approximately 1.7 million are sold every year. That’s roughly 7,500 two-wheelers hitting the road each day. The Alpha electric motorbike focuses on millennials and youth entering the workforce who not only want practical everyday mobility but also make a bold statement. Instant torque and on-demand power from Alpha’s electric drive train make this two-wheeler extremely responsive and fun to drive.


The Auto Rikshaw E-magined.

Getting here to there has never been this simple. We have reimagined the auto rikshaw, a staple when it comes to convenient and affordable conveyance for Pakistanis. While Rikshaws are practical, they also add significantly towards noise and environmental pollution. With over XX Rikshaws on the roads providing commuters mobility every day, INER-Z recognizes the need to disrupt this market. Boasting the same form factor as the conventional three-wheeler, INER-Z’s electric rikshaws are quiet, comfortable and reliable offering drivers and commuters a vastly improved experience.


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